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Hangzhou Matech Steel Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 2007, has focused on steel pipes, pipe fittings, flanges and valves industries for more than10 years with the principle of perfect quality and excellent service and basic purpose of providing strategic sourcing service and product solutions for the domesctic and overseas customers. We are dedicated to provide a one-stop service in the market.
Founded as a professional Manufacturer distributor & stockist for end users by Mr. Carlos, a professional product specialist and experienced exporter, Hangzhou Matech Steel was a specialized distributor of seamless steel pipes/tubes for oil & gas projects. During 2010 and 2014, with much sourcing experience of accessories including pipe fittings for several big oil & gas projects in Mid East and Nigeria, Hangzhou Matech Steel expanded its business scope to more wide products covering most of the steel products. Hangzhou Matech Steel is now an independent enterprise that has its own procedure on quality control & assurance, guarantee of delivery time, and sourcing channel for all the products it deals with. In Hangzhou Matech Steel, you can ask for systematic product solution instead of only single product because we are the integrator of manufacturing capacities in China. We provide service & assurance, not only simple products. Because we have a technical team more than 50 engineers from many fields.
Hangzhou Matech Steel focus on steel industry and more specifically, we are the expert on below mentioned products: carbon steel & alloy steel seamless pipes/tubes, welded steel pipes/tubes, stainless steel pipes/tubes, alloy steel pipe/tubes, OCTG pipe/tubes, pipe fittings, flanges and valves, etc for oil & gas industry, ship building, pressure vessel like boilers, super heaters, heat exchangers, petroleum cracking, auto industry, engineering industry and building constructions etc. Value added services based on basic products are available here in Hangzhou Matech Steel like galvanization, external coating & internal lining, machining, etc.
We believe the role dominates the future and the action leads to result. In current world with globalization, it is not the problem of how to find a supplier and the product. But it will always be the problem of how to find the right suppliers and exact products. Based on this significant point, Hangzhou Matech Steel is committed to play the role of solution & support provider for worldwide customers on the foundation of powerful Chinese manufacturing capacity. We are the supplier who supply exact product as you are looking for.
The culture of Matech Steel can be described as energetic and passionate and is felt daily throughout our company.
Short distances, quick decisions, partnership with our customers. Our vision is easily stated: We want to play a leading role in steel industry and create ourselves a platform of steel products.
Far-seeing, entrepreneurial thinking at all levels is an essential reason why we succeed in achieving our vision every day. One of our central concerns is striving to achieve a meaningful reconciliation of all interests – customers, suppliers, and shareholders – within the framework of our corporate strategy.
Meanwhile, the overall strategic goals of the Matech Steel are continuity, tradition, trust, independence, responsibility and cooperation.
1.Continuity: We strive for consistency.
2.Tradition: We remain true to ourselves.
3.Trust: We build on trust with our partner.
4.Independence:We act instead of reacting.
5.Responsibility:We keep our word.
6.Cooperation:We see ourselves as a partner.
As experts in steel industry, Matech Steel is the source you can count on for a unique depth of expertise, superior information management systems and proactive solutions.
2.Pre-sales Service
Before selling of our steel products, we will have comprehensive communication with the clients including dimension, standard, material, tolerance, special requirements and other technical properties confirmation. After all the required information is confirmed, we offer the best quality steel products at most competitive price to clients. Besides, we are also able to offer various certificate, MTC, technical documents, drawings and other project solutions. Our products scope from a bolt to a full pipeline system and we try every effort to fulfill clients’ requirements.
3.Services in Sales
When clients place order to us, we strictly control the production in order to offer the best quality products. Matech Steel Co., Ltd. has a professional technical team of Quality Supervision , in pre production , quality supervision team will strictly control the quality of raw materials used in the production process, quality supervision team will ensure that the production processes meet the requirements of the standard factory , post-production , quality inspection team sent to the factory to supervise the inspection of steel subsequent process to ensure that each of the products are excellent quality products.
4. After-Sale Service
After production in done, we arrange quickest delivery to the destination port. We work with many reliable logistics companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation, in order to ensure efficient and fast delivery of goods, reasonable for you to save sea freight procurement costs. If there is any quality problem during the application of the steel products, we will try every means to solve them as soon as possible.
Matech Steel is more than a distributor, we are a partner you can trust for sound advice and responsive service.
Matech Steel offer steel products in whole international Standard such as EN, DIN, ASTM, JIS and GOST etc. All of our steel products are strictly produced according to the specified standard and all the technical parameters reach its requirements including chemical composition, mechanical property and dimension tolerance. Our clients from Asia to Africa and from Europe to America, because our products can fulfill all of their standard requirements. We have high criterion of products quality, therefore, we know how to supervise the whole production process of the goods in case of any unqualified products is produced.
After more than 10 years development, Matech Steel has trained a team of experts with full technical knowledge and experiences. Our experts will offer professional suggestions and technical support to clients from project design to installment. We will define all the specifications when sending our quotation and ensure each process of quality control when products under production. And our experts also give professional suggestions on material selection, type recommendation, inspection supervision or even issue product drawings if required. Stuffs in Matech Steel devote themselves in order to bring high clients’ satisfaction.ASME SA335 P22 Elbow suppliers
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